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  • Yoga : Main subject

The classes will be lead by Swami Brahmananda (Saji Ramaswamy), master at erstwhile Vijnana Kalavedi, whose vast experience and learning has taken thousands of students all over the world into the mysteries of Yoga. Many of his students are teaching all over the world.

The two hours sessions will have practical as well as theory parts. The theory sessions will be strictly based on Indian philosophy, not on any religion. We also conduct intensive Yoga course and Teacher Training Course. Contact us to know about the timing, price and other details.

Yoga as the main focus, you can also learn any one of the following:

Secondary Subjects:

Mural Painting

The session starts with drawing different types of eyes, ornaments used on the characters, flowers and so on. This initial stage is about mastering the components of the paintings. We provide all the material like pencil, paper, canvas, water colour or acrylic colours for the lessons.

Cooking Health

The kitchen is the great laboratory of all! The course is not just about preparing food, it's also about the history and science of traditional way of cooking. The curriculum includes the pros and cons of using different types of vessels to sustainable cooking practices. Activities include visiting the market, processing units and if it is the farming season a trip to our natural farm where everything we grow is chemical free!

Kathakali Make-up (theppu)

Kathakali uses one of the most elaborate make-up techniques and costume. Kathakali students from our alternative school are more than happy to ‘lend their faces’ for other students to practice make-up. Every make-up class will be a bonus session for our students since they too get involved in the sessions interacting with the teacher.


You will learn conversational Hindi with the back up of grammar and structure. The structures of most Indian languages are similar. However, they are different from English. Naturally lessons on structure will go a long way. There will be a lot to listen to (since we want you to have a fair understanding on the accent). The accent is important because a mere difference of a letter can change the whole meaning of a word. You will also watch movies since they can teach you a lot of dialogues (that we use in daily life). To apply what you learn, you will be making stories, speeches, dramas or poems in Hindi.


One of the most popular accompaniment percussion instruments from India, Tabla has reached far and wide as the Ustads (maestros) brought it to the world stage. One of the greatest reliefs of being a Tabla student is that one manages to produce some nice sounds from the instrument on the first day itself. Practice is a must.

One Week Price: INR 24,000

6 days, 7 nights, all meals included, 10 hours of Yoga, 5 hours of a secondary subject, Pickup and drop from/to Coimbatore, Calicut or Cochin Airport

Two Weeks Price: INR 36,000

13 days, 14 nights, all meals included, 20 hours of Yoga, 10 hours of a secondary subject, Pickup and drop from/to Coimbatore, Calicut or Cochin Airport.

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